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Hi. We are Parsons !nteractive; a digital production agency from Atlanta. We design and develop communication and lifestyle software.

The unique digital firm creating products for an entertainment lifestyle

A little more about us

See usin action.

Parsons !nteractive is a social engagement and lifestyle company that executes in-depth audeience experiences across multiple platform categories. P! was formed as a digital marketing and entertainment company which is now one of the foremost authorities in mobile marketing and social media. With clients like America's Funniest Videos, Honda, and Viacom, P! is powering generation mobile.

Our Core Values

Commitment at best

Our passion for technology and innovative ideas is the driving force behind our products.

The perfect idea comes from solving problems for your customers. Helping people is our mission.
We have the courage to try to change the world.
We live to entertain - on every device - using every technology.
Keep it 100... all the way 100.
We leverage the collective power of genius.
We do it, and we do it well.

Our Leader

Hi. We are Parsons !nteractive, a digital production agency from Atlanta. We design and develop communication and lifestyle software.


Shaun-Patrick Parsons

CEO & Director

With over sixteen years of experience working in multiple industries, Shaun has acquired skills in a variety of areas such as social, mobile and local digital strategy, web development, content production, and publishing.

Managed a multi-million web site and business Music123 for the Guitar Center Company

He has also triumphed in the arenas of digital media execution and business development through the use of integrated campaigns via print, digital, and television.

Created the only mobile marketing campaign to help launch the "Dave Chappelle Show"

Most importantly, his recent endeavors in mobile marketing have led to him becoming a published author and authority in this field. His first book on mobile marketing entitled, Text Your Way to Profits can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and over a dozen other websites. As the creator of the proprietary SMS software that powers Socially Mobile Shaun's new software assists local businesses with acquiring, augmenting, and monetizing their mobile customer lists.

Created the social media policy and procedure for the Fresno County Department of Health

Some of his successful endeavors lie in the interactive discipline. Developing products and campaigns in wireless, social networking, video marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, and affiliate marketing; Shaun has contributed to the success of such companies as listed below.

Add media execution, analyzing, and optimization, and you have a diverse and gifted web developer that utilizes his professional marketing expertise to create unique user experiences for your company.

Created the web and mobile video upload service for America's Funniest Videos

Shaun's ability to forge relationships is evident from his humble beginnings in marketing and promotions with record label giants like Universal Records, BMG, and Sony Records. There he coordinated corporate, client, and celebrity artist relations for such automotive giants such as Chrysler, Ford, and Jeep.

Helped launch "NBA 2014 March Madness Live" in the web for TBS

He also managed radio interviews, retail in-store events, and networking events for recording artists and music labels. Include Shaun's experience with directing, choreographing, and producing almost 40 fashion shows, trade shows, and conventions and you have an able and aggressive master of many mediums.

Helped manage and develop the Hello Human Kindness web site for Dignity Health

Parsons !nteractive builds amazing products that help control the mobile and social universe. Visit all of our properties to choose your favorite!


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